StadlerHotel am Attersee

Spring at the lake

Holidays during spring at Lake Attersee

Come back to nature

When the landscape around Lake Attersee unfolds in all its beauty, when the first warm sun rays dance across the water, when the days become longer - spring has finally returned to the Salzkammergut resort region.

The flowers and plants aren’t the only things waking up - the animals return as well when the spring sun brings the world new life. If you keep your eyes open, you may catch a glimpse of a roebuck, a red fox, field rabbits, and red deer in the forests surrounding Hotel Stadler.

Active & energetic

The first boat ride, a bike tour through blooming fields, a hike through the forest surrounded by wild garlic and sweet woodruff, and then upwards into the picturesque mountains all around Hotel Stadler. The long wait finally comes to an end. In the fresh, clear spring air, you can feel energy and vitality come back to you. In the spring, we regain our desire for movement and activity, anticipating the long, summer days ahead. Dip your toes into the water, enjoy your first cup of coffee outdoors for the season on our sun terrace, and let the magic of spring envelop you on the banks of picturesque Lake Attersee.  

Now it’s time to be outside in the fresh air: enjoy the lake, nature, and life to the fullest.