StadlerHotel am Attersee

Nature & culture

From Lake Attersee to Salzburg

At Hotel Stadler you can enjoy a unique combination of relaxation in the mountains and cutting-edge culture.
With us, you’ll relax in the best location that offers many attractive destinations in the surrounding region.

Mozart, Everyman & festivals

In just 35 minutes by car, you’ll arrive in the World Heritage City of Salzburg - a city that will enchant you with its museums, jazz, theatre, opera, fortresses, castle gardens, and concerts. Visit Mozart’s birth place, stroll through the Old City, take a carriage ride and experience the endless culture and free time activities in the vibrant city of Salzburg.

Sisi and Franz

Only 20 minutes by car separate our hotel from the historic and tranquil spa town of Bad Ischl. Here, you’ll find the lovingly-preserved Kaiser Villa, which served as the summer residence for Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth of Austria.
From Bad Ischl, you’ll need only another 20 minutes to arrive in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Hallstatt, with its mystical rooms of bone and historic architecture.

Secret tip: Of course, the old customs of the Salzkammergut region are preserved and celebrated. May poles, Krampus and Nikolaus, traditional alpine dances, marching bands, traditional clothing, and the annual practice of driving cattle into the mountains for the summer, all belong to our traditional country life and are celebrated with passion.