StadlerHotel am Attersee

Sauna & wellness

Alpine spa in the Salzkammergut resort region

Our brand-new 80m² sauna and wellness area simply shines. With a modern, elegant atmosphere, you’ll experience moments of pure relaxation and exquisite peace.
Snuggle up in your plush towel, recharge, and pamper both body and soul in the comfortable atmosphere of the 4 star Hotel Stadler on Lake Attersee.

Swiss pine and lemon

Finnish sauna, infra-red chambers, and steam baths

Dive in to our chic spa; an oasis of pure relaxation. Experience the exhilarating, healthy interplay between hot and cold. After a re-vitalising herbal infusion, indulge in the brisk refreshment of a luxurious rain-shower. Finally, relax and unwind in the soft, heaven-like beds in our comfortable quiet rooms.

Unwind & enjoy

A day in the mountains; a bike tour along the banks of Lake Attersee a city tour in Salzburg. What better way is there to relax after an exciting and eventful day in the Salzkammergut resort region than with a visit to our new wellness and spa area? Here, you can recharge and prepare for the rest of your holiday.

Let yourself enjoy the downtime, spending your free time in the most beautiful of ways. Enjoy the sweet luxury of doing absolutely nothing at the Hotel Stadler, situated on the banks of the beautiful Lake Attersee. Send us now a non-binding inquiry