StadlerHotel am Attersee

Autumn on the lake

Holidays during autumn in Austria

Festival of nature

A warm, late summer wind. Crackling leaves in colours of red and yellow, and flowering asters.
When the apples have been harvested, the animals return to the valley, and the swallows fly for the final time over Lake Attersee, it’s clear that autumn has arrived in the Salzkammergut resort region.
The fragrant aroma of fresh hay and peonies wafts over the countryside. Alpine violets and asters are now in full bloom. For the last time before winter, the landscape around Lake Attersee reigns in all its beauty and spoils our guests with spectacular sights, highlighted by the deep autumn sun.

Enjoy it while it lasts

Mountain climbing, alpine cabins, and fixed rope routes.
Autumn is the perfect season to discover the magnificent mountains surrounding Lake Attersee - and to experience a divine view of the water and the Salzkammergut resort region.
The numerous hiking trails in the area exude a special magic in autumn and help to make your excursion to Lake Attersee an unforgettable experience.

Bike tours, power walking, mountain jogging, or rowing. In the warm autumn air, water and alpine sports become a special treat. For light refreshment, we recommend a quick dip in the pure, cool water of Lake Atter, followed by your favourite drink on our sun terrace, or a visit to our new spa and wellness area.